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AxleMaster™ – a patented precision portable lathe

• Machines new surfaces for bearings and seals
• Cuts new threads
• Portable, one person operation
• Handles spindle diameters to 4-1/2”

HOW IT WORKS - Diagram

The AxleMaster™ remachines spindles back to factory tolerances, cuts new threads, then reconditions seal and bearing surfaces on spindles that have been welded up in place and do not need replacement. On jobs where the spindle is too damaged to repair, the AxleMaster™ will prepare the new spindles mating surface to fit axle beams or housings for total spindle replacement. Once you have cut-off the damaged spindle, a new AxleMaster™-supplied spindle is prepped in the shop or with the mobile lathe and welded into place. The most common spindles are supplied.

When bearings seize and score the axle, simply build-up the damaged area and machine the new surface.

Thousands of repairs have been made in the field with this method. No disassembly of axles, no shipping and minimal downtime. Check out this Before and After!


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