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“It Pays to Rebuild” never made more sense than in the repair of axles and spindles. Every rolling vehicle in every industry suffers from spindle breakage or bending. Expensive axle disassembly or replacement in heavy-duty vehicles (construction equipment, trucks, trailers and busses) is cost prohibitive unless you bring the owners of these vehicles a better alternative. That’s the AxleMaster™ Program. A proven method used for thousands of repairs over the past 35 years. Use it for mobile repairs or in the shop. It makes a great addition to fleet maintenance or as an added value service for towing companies or as a stand alone business. And because of the low initial cost and no continuing fees, the AxleMaster™ offers a fast return on investment.
You’re never alone with the AxleMaster™. Initial hands on training at your location or ours gets you started repairing spindles and axles. Continuing support with telephone contact and networking with other Axlemaster™ users assures your success.

Our Midwest manufacturing location is ideal for shipping replacement parts throughout the U.S. Plus AxleMaster™ manufactures and supplies spindles in all popular styles plus custom sizes.
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